TAZEWELL, Tenn. (KAKE) — A 4-year-old Tennessee girl has received a new Build-A-Bear to replace the one that had a recording of her late mother's heartbeat.

The effort was thanks to the plush toy company, a local radio station and Goodwill. The original bear was accidentally donated at the Tazewell Goodwill last month. 

WRIL reports that during the search, a Build-A-Bear spokesperson said they were heartbroken to hear the news. She said a warehouse team located a matching bear and that they could add the original recording to the new bear. 

The girl's father said he is extremely grateful for the overwhelming effort to help his family.

"We extend our gratitude to Build-A-Bear Company and WRIL Radio for their efforts in providing a matching Rainbow Sparkle bear with the heartbeat of the 4-year-old child’s late mother placed in the new bear," said Cynthia Dodson with Goodwill Industries. "Goodwill Industries-Knoxville is grateful for the outpouring of support in trying to locate the original bear that was accidentally donated. The new bear has been reunited with the family."

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A 4-year-old Tennessee girl needs help in finding her Build-A-Bear that has a piece of her late mother.  

KCEN reports the bear contains a recording of her mother's last heartbeat before she died. It was accidentally donated to the Tazewell Goodwill.

The bear is tie-dyed and it is the only thing of her mother's that she has. Radio station WRIL posted pictures of similar looking bears. 

Anyone in who may have seen the bear was asked to return it to the Goodwill store.