A Labrador mix in England has been undergoing treatment for alcohol withdrawal at an animal shelter following the death of his owner. 

The Woodside Animal Welfare Trust in Plymouth said that Coco, a 2-year-old male arrived there over a month ago and had been in intensive care ever since.

"After arriving with his canine pal following the death of his owner, he and his companion became quickly unwell," the shelter said in a Facebook post last Tuesday. "Coco's friend was repeatedly fitting and soon after Coco also started to fit."
Sadly, Coco's canine friend passed away. Coco required round-the-clock care. 
"It became clear that he was suffering from symptoms that all pointed to alcohol withdrawal," the post said.
Coco spent four weeks under sedation to help him get through the withdrawal symptoms. But as of last week, he's off all medication and started behaving like a normal dog. 
"No-one knows the specifics on how these dogs got into the situation with alcohol but we do know that without our care Coco would likely have not survived this heart breaking ordeal."