ROCKLAND, Maine (WMTW) — Many children are extremely excited when they get their first bicycle. That includes Will Fuller-Wright, 3, of Rockland who was ecstatic when his parents bought him his first bike, a Spiderman model.

He explained why Spiderman is his favorite superhero: "Because he saves everybody by catching bad guys in the net."

But last week, on Will's first day out on his new bike, his bicycle was stolen.

"We went to Walgreens. And we stopped and put his bike on the sidewalk and decided to give him a little candy treat and say 'woohoo, you made it half a mile," said Will's mother, Liz Fuller-Wright.

"We came out, and the bike wasn't there. And I walked up and down the length of the sidewalk thinking because there's those big cement columns, so I thought maybe he couldn't see it. But it wasn't there."

Security video shows someone taking the bike and riding off with it.

"It was a mix of emotions. I mean, sad, disappointed, you know, angry at the state of humanity," said Liz Fuller-Wright. "He's 3 years old. This is his first bike. And you don't want to think that anybody would do that."

Police posted the surveillance images on social media, hoping to find the bike. But instead, an incredible story developed.

A woman, who is homeless and wishes to remain anonymous, stepped up. She tells Maine's Total Coverage she was in her car, which she lives in, at a gas station in Oxford County when she saw the news.

"I happened to put Facebook on, and I saw that story about the little boy who had his bike stolen," she said.

She told Maine's Total Coverage she had to do something.

"What this little boy was thinking when he came out of that store with his mom, and saw his bike missing, I cried. I worried about what that little boy would be growing up and be thinking about the world. I went to Walmart, and I purchased the one and only bike, got him the helmet, the lock. And then I took it to Rockland."

The woman says she spent what little money she had to buy the identical bike to the one that was stolen and then dropped it off at the Rockland Police station.

When police posted the update on social media, the response was overwhelming and the Mid-coast Recovery Coalition is now accepting donations to help the woman as a way of saying thank you.

"I was able to give her a call. And we spoke for a few minutes. And she told me her story. And I just I couldn't believe it," said Liz Fuller-Wright. "She's not someone flushed with cash. But she gave so much so generously to a little boy she'd never met, never known. Because she wanted him to be happy. She didn't want him to think that there were that there were bad guys in the world. She wanted him to have faith in humanity."

When asked what she would say to Will if she were to meet him, this is how the woman responded: "I think I would probably just cry, you know, to see that happen between us and his face? And I'd probably let him know that no matter what happens in life, we go through our troubles, our ups and downs, but there's always somebody out there that's watching over us. He's never alone."

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