A puppy emerged unscathed after being tossed from a moving vehicle during a two-hour police chase in Los Angeles, in which suspects wrecked one vehicle and jumped into another before getting caught, police said.

As police chased three suspects through multiple cities in Los Angeles County on Friday, the puppy was placed in a designer bag and tossed from a moving vehicle. The pursuit ended in the city of Carson, the Los Angeles Police Department said Saturday.

Officers were pursuing a suspect wanted in connection with an attempted murder and carjacking that occurred on March 26.

Officers rescued the puppy after it was tossed out, according to LAPD.

"Miraculously the dog emerged unharmed and was rescued by responding LAPD officers. The puppy is now in the care of South L.A. Animal Services, where it is presently being held pending an investigation into the abandonment concern that was noted during the pursuit," the LAPD said in a statement.

Three suspects, Gustavo Alvarez, 27; Lynette Moreno, 27; and Michelle Zamudio, 25, were arrested, the LAPD said.

Alvarez, a carjacking suspect, was arrested for attempted murder and is being held without bail, police said. Moreno, who police said set up a second getaway vehicle, was arrested for accessory and evading. Zamudio, who police said was the driver of the second getaway vehicle, was booked for evading.

Authorities said the investigation is ongoing.