A fight between teens led to a deadly shooting in a Wichita shopping mall, a court document made public today.  A probable cause affidavit was released in the case of Te'Bryis Robinson.  Robinson is accused of shooting Trenjavious Hutton at Towne East Mall in March, 2022.

A witness told police they saw several "young kids" in a fight.  The witness told police, "many people were videotaping the incident, but nobody was trying to help."  The same witness said he saw a muzzle flash from a gun as the shooter fired at Hutton.   Hutton was shot in the chest.

Police said Robinson surrendered outside of the mall when he saw police.  Officers found a handgun on Robinson along with a 30-round gun magazine.  Police said Robinson was "escorted to a patrol vehicle where he later became teary eyed and vomited on his shoes."

Crime scene investigators found two handguns near the shooting location.  One handgun was inside a kiddie ride. 

Robinson has been charged with first degree murder.