TOPEKA, Kan. (KAKE) -  The Kansas Senate took a major step towards reducing Kansans’ property taxes by adopting a constitutional amendment that would limit annual valuation increases to 4% for real property for purposes of property taxation.

The amendment contains exceptions in the event property is renovated or sold, yet would provide predictability for Kansans already feeling the pinch of high taxes.

Combined with the Truth in Taxation legislation adopted in previous sessions, the amendment represents a significant step in the effort by Republicans to fight the sharp increases in property taxes that have repeatedly burdened property owners and made it hard for many Kansans to simply stay in their homes.

“Kansans are rightfully fed up with shocking property valuation changes that defy logic. For years, Republicans have championed property tax reform - now it’s time we act. If we truly believe property ownership is a cornerstone of freedom, then it must be possible for people to afford the taxes on that property. Simply put, the current appraisal system is not working in a way that protects our fixed-income neighbors. Kansans deserve a direct say in whether they want their property values to grow at a steady and predictable rate, or to continue with the current system where their livelihoods are subject to sudden spikes in property taxes,” said Senate President Ty Masterson.

The amendment now heads to the House after passing in the Senate.