KECHI, Kan. (KAKE) - A former lieutenant of the Kechi Police Department will only serve probation for using a Wichita Police Department license plate reader to stalk his estranged wife.

32-year-old Victor Heiarof of Park City was sentenced to a controlling term of 24 months in jail from which he was granted probation for 18 months.

Today the former lieutenant of the Kechi Police Department pled guilty to a computer crime and stalking, which are both misdemeanors.

Heiar took advantage of his position in the department to use the Flock License Plate Reader system to monitor his estranged wife’s location. The woman had told a friend she was scared and thought Heiar was tracking her whereabouts.

The friend later contacted a Wichita police officer and asked how someone could get protection from a stalking order.

Heiar was arrested by Wichita police on October 26.