WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Imagine going to a cemetery to visit a loved one, just to discover someone else's stone is there.

"There's a body here; I believe this is Patricia right here, " remarks Maple Grove groundskeeper Tamara Denney.

 I-70 murder victim Patricia Smith has been buried at Maple Grove Cemetery for the past 30 years. Her husband, Norman Smith, no longer lives in Wichita but visits her gravesite periodically.

On a recent visit, he couldn't find her stone. He felt bad, because he thought he ought to know where she was buried, but realized soon after that cemetery workers had placed another headstone in front of Patricia's marker!

Groundskeeper Denney admitted that she was recently asked by management to move Smith's headstone to another location.

"I'm not going to disrespect anyone living or dead by doing something that I don't feel is right,"  she said. 

At that point, Denney decided to place a cemetery probe into the space where Patricia's vault and casket should lay. It raised more questions than answers about Patricia's whereabouts.

"I took the probe and I hit a vault and then they turn around and (the cemetery staff) tells me, 'oh no it's not there she's over here.'"

Norman says he doesn't want the cemetery to move the other person's body; he just wants the errant headstone moved from her grave. 

The cemetery alleges that the headstone could have been placed there without permission. This leaves Patricia's husband with more questions than answers.

Where, exactly, is Patricia? Did she get moved? Was it only her stone that moved, or more?