KINGMAN COUNTY, Kan. (KAKE) - Strong winds caused a large grass fire in Kingman County to spread at least four miles.

Police Dispatch said the fire started around 110th and Highway 54 and spread north. 

The fire was as big as three miles long and three miles wide. 

Families in the areas were notified, but there were no evacuations. 

No one was hurt and no buildings caught on fire. 

"I got a call saying are you being evacuated," said Connie Squires who lives in Kingman, near where the grass fire happened.

Squires was confused when she got that phone call. At the time, she wasn't home. Little did she know, a grass fire was burning near her home. She and her husband quickly drove home to make sure everything was okay.

“It was thick," said Squires.

"When we got here it was about a quarter mile visibility maybe," said Jay Squires.

"And they were doing some backburning down on the ditch. About an eighth of a mile," said Connie.

First responders blocked off roads for crews to roll through and fight the fire. But the Squires weren't letting anything stop them from getting home.

"We had to swerve a few things to get here like fire trucks. They weren't happy we were on the road coming here. But we were getting here one way or the other," said Jay.

"I was that determined I was going to come home whether I drove through it or walked through it. Here I am," said Connie.

The couple franticly packed up their personal belongings in their van. Family photos and memories. Just in case.

Connie says she has never seen a grass fire this close to home.

"No, never in the 40 years I've lived here it has not. We have never had anything this close," said Connie.