WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Wichita welcomed its new pro basketball team Friday with open arms as the "Sky Kings" stormed the court at Koch Arena for its first-ever home game and it was nothing but energy.

While the Sky Kings fight for their fifth straight win, fans like Nickole Yell admit they're here for something else.

"I cried. I've had this jacket for like four years, said Yell. "I never thought that I would get it signed, but I really wanted it signed."

Brian Baumgartner, also known as Kevin from "The Office," spent the day hanging out with fans and cheering on the Wichita Sky Kings. 

"I'm staying for the whole game," Baumgartner said. "As long as you know, they win. They better win."

Team Owner Ben Hamd says going to a Wichita Sky Kings game means a lot more than just great basketball.

"Cryo effects, jumbotron effects, music, t-shirts, giveaways with celebrities," said Hamd. "All of that is what you can expect from the Wichita Sky Kings."

Even though fans like Nickole had ulterior motives for being there Friday, she says she'll be back, but fans have just one question - what does Brian think of Wichita?

"So far it's been great! I've checked it out and walked around Old Town, I think it's called, a little bit," said Baumgartner. "(I) had a fantastic coffee and lunch today and yeah, I'm really, really excited to be here."

If you missed meeting Brian tonight, we have good news. He'll also be here Sunday, for more information on the schedule and to buy tickets, just click here.