WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Between basketball and celebrating St. Patrick's Day, bars and restaurants are seeing a huge boost in business.

Many bars and restaurants opened for businesses at 10:00 a.m. on Friday. And that's when some started drinking. Others had to wait a little bit longer.

“We started at noon and we'll probably go all night,” said Emily Page, a Wichita resident.

Going all night for Emily Page means past midnight on St. Patrick's Day. At Emerson Biggins, it was a sea of green. A sea of green, that the owner says was mellow.

“People start getting off work, then they start working their way here,” said Luis Lopez, the owner of Emerson Biggins.

Besides the St Patrick's Day festivities, many basketball fans are gearing up for K-State playing in the first round of March Madness Friday night.

“We'll we got St. Patrick's Day, we got the cats coming later tonight. We got a crew. We got a squad over here,” said Casey Habr, a Wichita Resident.

Over at Chicken ‘N Pickle, crews are also getting ready for a big Friday night. Some even came from Salina.

“We come here quite a bit when we come to Wichita. So this is where we decided to hang out,” said Paul Forrester, a Salina resident.

So how is business?

“We've actually seen a huge increase in sales just in the morning as well. So we've had people that have been here all day. But I'm really looking forward to this evening. It should be a blast,” said General Manager of Chicken ‘N Pickle Kelsey Rockett.

Wichita police started patrolling at 5:00 a.m. on Friday. They're asking people to not drink and drive. Have fun, and get home safely with a designated driver or a rideshare service.