WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) -  If you suffer from allergies, brace yourself because this season is going to be a tough one.  

"Unfortunately, we didn't have a good winter freeze which is what's able to kind of quail down a lot of that pollen producing in the grasses that produce a lot of allergies that people are producing a lot of symptoms from," said KU's Associate Professor of Medicine Tiffany Schwasinger-Schmidt.  

She adds there are a lot of pollens out there but ragweed is the most common locally.  Schwasinger-Schmidt adds to be aware of other allergens affecting you unknowingly such as pet dander in the grass. 

Watery and itchy eyes, pressure in the sinuses, runny nose, itchy ears, and a scratchy throat from drainage are just some of the symptoms Schwasinger-Schmidt mentions that differ from a virus.  

She said over-the-counter medications like Claritin, Zyrtec, and Allegra are recommended but showering regularly to get the allergens off is an additional step you can take.

If these medications do not work, Schwasinger-Schmidt recommends contacting your physician for a prescription and possible allergy testing.

She suggests checking the website for the Mayo Clinic as a resource for more information on what to expect and how to treat yourself during allergy season.