WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - "Just the most beautiful soul you ever want to meet," is what Norman Smith had to say about his wife, Patricia Smith, who was a victim of the I-70 murders 30 years ago.

Norman, who no longer lives in Wichita, comes periodically to visit and was just here in December. He visited his wife's grave at Maple Grove Cemetery as he always does but for a moment thought he was a bad person for not remembering the location. He kept searching and finally realized it wasn't him that didn't know her location, it was the workers at the cemetery who put another headstone in front of Patricia's marker.

Norman says he doesn't want to bring any more grief to the family whose tombstone is currently there. He said he feels like Patricia has been violated in life and that he is unable to protect her in death.  

Norman said he reached out to the director of the cemetery but still has yet to find resolve.