WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Moody's Investors Service is giving a less-than-rosy outlook for all banks in the US. But, it's put six of them on what it calls "downgrade watch." And, one of those is Intrust Bank.

On the heels of the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse, what does this mean for Intrust customers?

Being put on ‘Downgrade Watch means a bank is on review for potential credit rating downgrades. But, those we talked with say Intrust Customers don't need to worry about their money.

“I haven't been so far. I know we talked about it when I was in the bank getting my Euros for my European trip,” said Marijke Klahn, an Intrust Bank customer.

Marijke Klahn, an Intrust Bank customer says she's not worried about her bank being in danger of having its credit rating downgraded.

And, Intrust leader Charlie Chandler says her money and that of thousands of other customers is safe.

They should be able to count on us after all these many years, to be honest with them and tell them the truth. And continue to tell them that we're a very well-capitalized strong bank that is very interested in their well-being and the well-being of their money. We've had a few people come in and ask questions. But it's been a very small number,” said Charlie Chandler, Chairman and CEO of Intrust Bank.

Newman University Associate Business Professor Dr. Larry Straub agrees that there's no reason for customers at Intrust or any of the six-us banks Moody's has placed on Downgrade Watch, to lose sleep over the situation.

“I think everybody right now is just trying to be a bit cautious, and trying to be a little bit proactive in terms of getting banks put on notice and also the public put on notice that they're going to be diligent and be watching this,” said Dr. Larry Straub an Associate Business Professor at Neuman University.

In fact, Charlie Chandler says Intrust was surprised that it was put on Moody's list.

“We were informed yesterday that they were going to probably publish something along the lines of what they did. I certainly understand again, given what's happened it's certainly fair to ask bankers what their situation is,” said Chandler.

Chandler adds Intrust is able to completely cover its customers' deposits. He says, if you have any questions, call Intrust Bank.