ANDOVER, Kan. (KAKE) - The city of Andover is once again asking for community feedback as it reaches the final stages of creating its next comprehensive plan. 

The 10-year plan will dictate what growth looks like from 2024-2033 in Andover. Assistant Director of Community Development Justin Constantino said a document “very close to the final draft” is now available online. 

“In 2033, when this plan expires, we will have another plan, and we will go back and look at those previous plans and say, ‘Hey, what did we get right? What did we get wrong?’” Constantino said. “What did we emphasize, and what can we emphasize for the future?”

The comprehensive plan communicates what infrastructure, housing, transportation, and more should look like in Andover moving forward. Constantino said it also helps the city work with developers when trying to decide what future land use is…from residential to commercial projects. 

“It’s kind of breaking it down a little bit further into, sure, this is residential, but can you have a smaller scale commercial component there as well?” he said. “Can there be a corner store here? You know, can there be a gas station here?”

Andover City leaders started to ask for community feedback on the plan last spring. Constantino said the planning commission hopes to have a new one approved by late spring or early summer this year. 

“Somebody that's interested in developing in the city, or is looking to develop on their own property, you know, build a house, build a subdivision, build a commercial structure…we receive a phone call,” Constantino said. “That’s a document that we look at, frequently, basically before we're even looking at the zoning of the property.”

You can take a look at the draft online: just click here. The City’s comprehensive plan website opened Tuesday and closes on March 22.