MONEE, Ill. (WLS/CNN Newsource) -- A dog was abandoned at a Burger King in Monee after its owner had a medical event. Now, a local humane society is helping to foster the pup until its owner can get back on her feet.

King was found last month with a note on his collar that said, "Hi I'm King. I'm a good boy, love to hug & kiss," along with his birthday.

A concerned resident brought him to the local police, who first put the story out on social media.

But, it turns out, it wasn't King's owner who abandoned him.

The South Suburban Humane Society in Matteson said it learned the owner had moved in with her family, after suffering a major medical event, so she could recover.

Her relatives allegedly left King at the restaurant without her knowledge.

The humane society helped put King in a foster home until the owner gets back on her feet.