TANGANYIKA, Kan. (KAKE) - Tanganyika Wildlife Park's new baby is anything but ordinary. It's an endangered Indian rhino whose birth made history.

So, the park today made a big production of its announcement as to whether Marjon is a boy or girl, as it held a gender reveal party.

"Monica is going to do the reveal for us," said Tanganyika Wildlife Park Director Matt Fouts. "We've got a box in her enclosure and so the hope is, she's going to come up to the box and start shaking it and then we'll get the reveal of whether it's a boy or a girl."

After stopping for a quick snack Monica slowly walked up to the curious box her caretakers put in the middle of her pen and of course, little Marjon has to see what was going on.

After just a little bit of struggle, mom pulled out that big piece of blue paper. Although she probably was not supposed to eat the paper, the proud mom looked straight at the small crowd while standing next to Marjon, almost as if she knows exactly what was going on.

While Marjon continues to nurse and explore his little indoor home, it won't be long before he learns there's a whole world outside waiting for him and Fouts says when that happens, you won't want to miss it.

"Come out and see him a ton this summer because he is incredibly cute," Fouts said. "So get your season pass."

The park opens for the year on March 11 and Fouts says it will mostly depend on the weather when Marjon will be outside, but if you'd like to buy tickets or a season pass click here.