WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Braeburn Square, a mixed-use development at Wichita State University, has four new tenants. 

Every storefront in the center, located on WSU’s Innovation Campus, is now spoken for. The new tenants are Sesame Mediterranean Kitchen, Jersey Mike’s, Two Hands Corn Dogs and Pedego Wichita. 

“You have things you can eat,” one Wichita state student said. “The RSC is there, and education, and everything is there…events to enjoy.

“It’s part of the live, learn, work play vision of the Innovation Campus,” Tonya Witherspoon, Vice President of Industry Engagement and Applied Learning at WSU, said. 

Wichita State leaders announced Braeburn Square in 2015, starting off with a stand-alone Starbucks. Today, restaurants, retailers, even a bank, and more are available to students. 

“Last Saturday night, there was a band playing,” Witherspoon said. “There’s trivia contests…there’s activities within all of this.” 

This school year, WSU saw an over 5% increase in student enrollment. Witherspoon said projects like Braeburn Square don’t just benefit students. 

“Airbus and NetApp have their full employee base, Wichita employee base, here on our campus, so that's several hundred people that are year round working and really appreciate amenities and places to step out of their work,” she said. 

Witherspoon also said some of these businesses are hiring students, an extra added benefit. Students at Wichita State said they love their campus; it is constantly evolving. 

“Come again,” Witherspoon said. “Take that opportunity to see WSU through your child's eyes and the opportunity, this new Innovation Campus and Braeburn Square give to your student, to your kid, for their education, because this is really a great unique place to go to college.”