Two former Deputy Police Chiefs and a current Deputy Chief are suing the city of Wichita and local leaders, accusing them of civil rights violations.

The suit was filed Monday on behalf of former Deputy Chiefs Wanda Givens and Chet Pinkston and current Deputy Chief Jose Salcido. Attorney James Thompson said the deputy chiefs should be compensated for damages they sustained as part of a "targeted and concerted effort to deprive them of their civil rights, livelihoods, and reputations." Thompson said his clients hope the lawsuit will provide "transparency into what they consider the unethical manner in which the City too often conducts business."

The lawsuit names the city of Wichita, City Manager Bob Layton, City Councilman Bryan Frye as well as several former and current Wichita Police leaders as defendants. City Communications Manager Megan Lovely said the City is looking forward to defending its reputation in court. 

Lovely added the city has never before had such "egregiously false accusations' made against it. 

You can view the full compliant document below.