WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Evictions are something no one wants to go through, but the city says some of the old pandemic housing protections damaged relationships between landlords and renters, and it's still seeing some issues from it.

Now, a new program called the Eviction Resolution Program aims to help landlords and renters through the process.

Renters like Ty Young and landlords like Robert Burris packed a room at the Wichita Library Wednesday night to learn about all things eviction.

"I just came to learn some information about eviction, and the procedures for myself as a renter," said Young.

"You do everything you can not to, you know because basically, we're in the customer service business. We want them to be happy," said Burris.

Burris says being a landlord comes with a slew of challenges, so having a trusting relationship with tenants is the most important part.

"I'd say the biggest challenges are just trying to get honesty out of people, you know. We're trying to give real estate, we're trying to give you a safe place to live, and we don't get honest answers sometimes," said Burris.

As a renter, Young agrees about trust, and she says it goes both ways.

"Right now, like my own situation, I have a leak at my house. So like, just trying to get that fixed and going through the process of your bill being too high, and then you still gotta pay your rent," said Young.

Even though it should only be a last resort, Wichita Assistant City Attorney Nate Johnson says at the end of the day, evictions do happen. He says both renters and landlords need to be ready for the complicated process, ultimately decided by a judge if an agreement isn't made along the way.

"It's a very personal issue a lot of times. It's where someone lives. It's a source of income that someone might need. And issues that might just be legal or determined by a lease agreement can become very personal very quickly," said Johnson.

Johnson says if you find yourself in a bad tenant/landlord relationship and need help figuring out where to start, the Sedgwick County website's eviction page is a good place to start.