WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - A partnership between Spirit AeroSystems and Center Industries will continue supporting the aviation industry for the next decade.

It will also provide career opportunities for a specific segment of the workforce.

"I think it's wonderful," says Lisa Dean, an employee at Center Industries. "I'm loving it, the more work, the happier I am."

Lisa Dean is thrilled with today's announcement that Spirit Aerosystems and Center Industries will continue their partnership through 2033.  Center Industries builds the windows and frames that go in the 737 Max.

"There are logistical challenges with moving it, so having it in Wichita is a big advantage.  Especially as we go back to the production rates of the 737 Max," explains Alan Young, the Senior VP of Fabrication at Spirit AeroSystems. 

A ten-year contract isn't common. Spirit attributes Center's quality products to its unique workforce.

A majority of its employees have some type of developmental disability.

"It makes me feel I'm worth more than someone who's looking at me and thinks, 'She can't do anything.' Yeah, I can.  I'm actually doing an airplane frame," says Dean.

And now these dedicated employees who might have limited options otherwise can look forward to another decade of doing what they do best.

"It makes me feel good and feel appreciated at the end of the day. I get out of here feeling good like I've accomplished something. I've done something not many can do," says Dean.

Center is the sole supplier of passenger windows and window frames and has been in business since 1982.