TOPEKA, Kan. (KAKE) - Laura Kelly has announced that Integra Technologies will be opening an expansion in Wichita. The semiconductor manufacturing plant will bring nearly 2,000 jobs to Wichita.

Kelly called the expansion the "second biggest economic development in Kansas history."

“Kansas is stepping up to help resolve a national security crisis by playing a key role in reshoring semiconductor production,” Governor Laura Kelly said. “Our deliberate efforts to diversify the state economy since my administration began four years ago has prepared us for this moment. Partnering with Integra will secure Kansas’ rightful position as a global leader in the semiconductor sector.”

Integra, which was founded in Wichita 40 years ago, is an employee-owned company with operations in Wichita and Silicon Valley, providing high-quality OSAT services for more than 500 active customers, including many from critical infrastructure sectors such as the military, aerospace, medical, aviation, automotive, commercial and industrial.

“The semiconductors we work on are in multiple space applications, such as the Mars Rover and Hubble Telescope; more than 100 Department of Defense programs of record; as well as commercial applications that power everyday life,” said Brett Robinson, Integra Technologies President and CEO.

 “On behalf of our employee-owners, we are especially grateful for Governor Kelly, Lt. Governor Toland and the Kansas Legislative leadership on the State Finance Council for supporting Integra with its premier economic development program, positioning us to transform domestic OSAT services while expanding in our home state,” Robinson said.

According to Integra, the jobs and capital investment over the first five years are the beginning of long-term expansion plans.

“We have done extensive planning for this expansion because we anticipated the increasing need for our services,” Robinson said. “With Kansas’ and the Wichita region’s support, we have the thorough plans, long-term experience and proven record to grow our country’s share of this important market.”

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