WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - A Wichita family has been reunited with their long lost beagle after a long journey home from Idaho. 

According to a post in a Facebook group for lost and found pets, one of its members found the older stray dog in Caldwell, Idaho, which is a 1,400-mile drive from Wichita, on January 11 and took him to a shelter to be scanned for a microchip. They were in luck. 

That night, Kiera, the person who found the dog, called the owner listed in the microchip scan, Nicolle.

"Much to our delight the owner kept her same phone number all these years! (Do people really do that?)," A post on the Facebook group says.

The dog's owner was out of town and though one of her dogs at home had gotten out. 

"Kiera gave her the address of the dog's found location and Nicolle (the owner) replied 'I'm sorry where?'"

It was clarified that the dog had been found in Idaho and the owner asked what kind of dog it was. When she was told it was a beagle, she was in shock. 

"This was crazy and seemed unreal," Nicolle's daughter, Alani, said on Facebook. "Without hesitation, we new he needed to be home again. After forms and released for the Idaho Humane Society have been signed, a wonderful lady named Shae got him and took him home."
The dog, Roscoe, was back home and reunited with his family on January 15. 
Nicolle had gotten Roscoe for her son and daughter in 2013. Alani said they had enjoyed many months with Roscoe before he escaped their yard. He was one year old at the time.
"Months and months of searching for him," Alani said. "Flyers and calls to local rescues in search of him were made. No one ever reported anything to us. No sign of him. We spent a while accepting the fact we would never find him again."
It's unclear how he got to Idaho and who had him the last eight years. 
Shae DeBerry, the one who drove Roscoe home, wrote, "It should be stated that if he had been wearing a collar with tags he would likely have been returned without a microchip scan to the WRONG person. Collars and tags have been put on stolen dogs many times. PLEASE SCAN FOR MICROCHIPS and ask for multiple forms of proof of ownership."