Typically American Legion post #2 Newton isn’t open on Sundays but this wasn't any ordinary day. The Kansas City Chiefs were on and so the post building was filled with over two dozen anxious but excited fans as the team was playing for its third Super Bowl trip in four years.

“It's a blast. I get to hang out with my dad for every Chiefs game and my closest friends. It's a blast out here," said Josh Gillispie

Opening up on Sundays to watch the Chiefs has become a must for the post and its more than just a chance to watch Patrick Mahomes work his magic. It builds the camaraderie amongst the post members and their family members that come along.

Legion member Rod Kreie says a lot of it comes down to simply this: “there's just a bunch of good guys out here and and they're all very passionate about the Chiefs.”

Paul Sanford says he looks forward to being at the post for game day.

"It's a great, great experience. We have a great time together. We've become a family.”

That family already knows where it will be in two weeks. “We'll have a Super Bowl party here no matter what, but we're planning on the Chiefs being in the Super Bowl," said Sanford.