WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) -The main concern could be with snow continuing to come down. The freezing temperatures overnight could cause the snow to turn into ice. Which could mean an icy commute Wednesday morning.

“It's still pretty crappy. So I’m hoping people stay safe and don't crash,” said Mason Wyant, a Wichita resident.

Mason Wyant like some other Wichita residents is not a fan of the weather conditions Tuesday night. The snow here made roads wet, which could be a problem in a few hours.

"I go to work really early in the morning. So I’m worried about all those people in the morning driving to work being late and stuff,” said Wyant.

The Wichita Department of Public Works has 150 personnel operating around the clock on 12-hour shifts. Its main focus is treating traffic routes. But not neighborhoods.

“The vast majority of residential streets are not treated. If we had a significant snow event, where people were unable to get in and out of the neighborhood say, because of snow that is the time public works would probably mobilize to try to address individual issues like that,” said Interim Assistant Director of Public Works and Utilities Aaron Henning.

The Wichita Police Department is alerting the homeless about the snowfall and overnight conditions by going straight to where they camp out.

"I remember the last cold we rolled up, a guy was in his tent, and we explained it's going to be negative degrees with the wind chill factor. And he was like really? I was like yeah, do you want to go to the shelter? He said yup, he jumped in our truck and we drove him straight to the shelter,” said Officer Nate Schwiethale, with the homeless outreach team.

Overall residents we talked with seem ready to be careful on the roads.

“Just driving slower than usual, I mean it is a little bit icy. Nothing different than Kansas weather,” said Simon Balderas, a Wichita resident.

The city has 6,000 tons of salt ready to go. And they will continue to treat roads that are a priority.