A handful of Kansans gathered at old town square in Wichita Sunday afternoon to support abortion access on the 50th anniversary of the roe vs wade decision. The rally was a part of a nationwide effort from the Woman's March organization to commemorate the anniversary.

The rally comes as lawmakers in Topeka look at new laws regarding abortion access.

Senate president Ty Masterson told reporters at a news conference back on January 10th that Republican leadership feels that "a lot of prognostication has happened around the Value them Both, there were people voted against that, because it wasn't an all out ban. We really don't know what the status is yet."

Masterson says Republicans are looking at several different types of legislation around abortion. Some of it will be adding funding and support for pregnancy crisis centers. He adds that "I think probably the biggest question to be answered is...Goes to autonomy and when does the young lady in utero receive her autonomy?"

One bill regarding abortion was filed last Thursday by state senator Chase Blasi. It would give city and county governments in the state the power to regulate abortion access.

Jay Swan who helped organize the rally says she is "infuriated by this kind of legislation." Swan says these efforts are exactly why they hold events like the rally. They are trying to tell legislators to respect the outcome of the Value them Both vote. "No means no, they need to take our vote no for what it was."

The group also held a postcard writing event before the outdoor rally. They are sending those postcards to lawmakers to share their feelings against any new abortion bills.

Faith Martin, the co-chair of the group "Women's March air capital" says that they write postcards because "they're not going to put (abortion access) up for a vote again. So the only way that we can let the voice of the people's voices be heard is by writing postcards."

Leaders with local chapter of the "Woman's March" say they will hold more events to try to keep people up to date about what is happening in Topeka.