Kansas City Chiefs fans in Wichita nearly broke down the doors at Rally House Saturday. 

The local sports store in West Wichita sells items representing 19 different sports teams, including the Chiefs. Manager Rhiannon McNulty said many fans stopped by before the team's NFL playoff game Saturday. 

“They were here pulling the door at eight o'clock this morning trying to see if they could get in and get something quickly before they headed up to the game,” McNulty said. 

Lee Pahcoddy III was one of those fans. He said he was shopping for his significant other, but comes in regularly before Chiefs games. 

“Anything Kelce, for sure,” Pahcoddy said. “Mahomes, Magic Mahomes.”

McNulty said Saturday was the first day of her “postseason craze.” She said Super Bowl season can easily become her busiest time of year. 

“Business is business, you know, it's fun being a fan no matter who you are a fan of, and so, you know, it gives, you know somebody, you know, it gives you things to talk about,” McNulty said. 

However, it is not just football keeping sales up. McNulty said KU and K-State basketball gear is also popular right now. 

“They’re playing such hot basketball,” she said. “They’re really, those teams, are kind of keeping up with each other when it, you know, comes to sales as well.”

McNulty said her best sellers Saturday included cold weather gear, like beanies and hoodies, and t-shirts. Pahcoddy said he enjoys cheering on his team in store with other fans.

“Of course I would love to have another Super Bowl win, but for me, I would love to see Philly and KC,” Pahcoddy said.