AUGUSTA, Kan. (KAKE) - "I feel like we're here not just for a candle experience, but actually drawing people to our community," Jennifer Penner said.

Nestled in downtown Augusta, Jenny opened H&H Collection to give customers a fun and healthy experience.

"We decided to bring an experience for people to just make their own candle, to where you can come in and select any of your scents that you would like, and you can blend up to three in your candle," said Penner.

H&H gives a unique edge by offering healthy scent options.

"There was a lot of toxics that goes into candles. We didn't know what they were until after the research," Penner said. "We found a supplier and they provide clean scents. they strip out the top five toxins."

They promote local growth too.

"When you come and make a candle, it takes two hours and we're like your tour guide, so we'll give you a map of all the special places down here," Penner said. "I just feel like this is a place to have fun with the families. We want them to enjoy and make memories with our scents, and create a candle that they can burn in their house."