When you think of the holidays, the first thing that probably comes to mind is Christmas or Thanksgiving, but what about sales tax? 

Thursday, Kansas senators held the first hearings on two bills, SB 21 and SB 29 that would create a special sales tax holiday in Kansas for school supplies.

The concept is pretty straightforward, in the first weekend of August, the state would not charge a sales tax on back-to-school items listed in the bill. That could include items like pencils, paper, clothing, or computers.

Stephanie Trotter, a parent of a grade-schooler says getting supplies for her son can stack up. "Especially with clothes and school supplies, backpacks, all that it can add up really quick."

That's why she says saving even a little bit on these items would be a big help for her and other parents. "Anything you know, to help us save money or cut corners would absolutely help parents, especially parents that are living paycheck to paycheck."

Both Republicans and Democrats are showing an interest in creating the sales tax exemption with the state having a record $2 billion revenue surplus. SB 29 even was introduced by a bipartisan group of state Senators. 

A third bill creating the holiday, SB 55, was introduced on Wednesday and is supported by Governor Laura Kelly and could be heard in committee as soon as next week

She says creating this holiday "shouldn't be a partisan issue. This should be an issue that brings everybody together to do what's in the best interest of our kids, our parents, and teachers, and the school sales tax holiday is just that."

Both Oklahoma and Missouri have sales tax holidays and Senators say creating one here would cut down on people hoping over state lines to buy supplies and keep more money in the Kansas economy.

The tax committee will work on these bills to create a final piece of legislation over the next few weeks. Then it will go to the house to be reviewed. 

You can follow the Senate Tax Committee's schedule here