WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Chris and Jennifer Cole have been KU fans for decades, so they spent Tuesday night at Walk-On's, cheering on the Jayhawks in one of their biggest rivalry games.

"Everybody's got their favorite teams. Everybody has friends who have opposing rivals, but it makes it fun," said the Cole's.

On the other side of the restaurant, there was no shortage of K-State fans.

In fact, you might recognize one of the biggest Wildcat fans that were there.

"You know, it's always great to play them. You know, it's a rivalry game, and it's always normally our for-sure sellout game," said Martavious Irving. 

Irving is a former K-State starting point guard. He says it reminded him of when he laced up against KU, with one especially fond memory.

"In my four years, I was able to beat them once my sophomore year. And, you know, the crowd stormed the court, and it was a very memorable, memorable time. But, you know, we need to make that a regular thing," said Irving.

Walk-On's manager Joe Wilson says after all the challenges restaurants have faced over the last few years, big games like this are crucial for business.

"It's a relief, you know. I mean, just getting through 2020 was tough enough. Now we can actually take a deep breath and get back to the things that we're good at, you know, serving hot food, cold beer, at 100% capacity. So it's been great," said Wilson.

Irving and the Cole's say it was nice to see the rival fans respectfully cheering on their teams. But whoever your team is, they all went in with the same hope.

We're always glad to see them win, but we usually expect them to win," said the Cole's.

"It's just, it's relaxing to cheer them on and, you know, hopefully win," said Irving.