GREAT BEND, Kan. (KAKE) - The Great Bend Zoo has announced the death of one of their grizzly bears named 'Winnie.'

The zoo announced the death of the bear saying:

"Our staff is absolutely devastated by this unexpected loss and would appreciate your respect during their grieving process. We consider these animals to be a part of our family and losing one of our family members takes a significant toll on our staff."

The zoo said that on Saturday Jan. 14, they noticed that Winnie was not as interested in his food as he normally is. On Sunday he appeared to be still not interested in food and was more lethargic, so the staff tried to give him some electrolytes and some other types of food and he did consume a small amount.

During the staff's morning rounds, it was discovered that Winnie passed away sometime overnight.

The zoo says Winnie’s siblings, Piglet and Pooh, appear to be handling it as expected and will have each other and their keepers during their grieving process.