WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - It won't be long until the weather is warmer and fans fill Riverfront Stadium to watch the Wind Surge play again. 

It's a stadium Wind Surge President Jay Miller knows well. 

"We saw it go up from from day one when we had put shovels in the ground. So I absolutely loved Wichita and love being here," he said.

Miller was part of the initial group that brought the team to Wichita but he left the Wind Surge back in 2020.

Last December, Y Diamond Baseball Holdings bought the Wind Surge and Miller says he got a phone call asking if he wanted to come back to the Air Capital. 

He asked when he could start! 

In his short time being back as president, Miller is already putting his stamp on team operations by butting the price of season tickets in certain sections.

"For instance, like a berm ticket that was 10 and 8 is now 8 and 4. Seats that were down the line that were $15 are now $10."

He adds that the new ownership is looking at ways for the stadium to be used outside baseball season. 

"The other ballparks have been at, it's been literally, you know, you might have 69 baseball games, but we would have 200 events," he said.

After the team put in that controversial stadium tax and then removed it a few weeks later, Miller says he knows the team needs to win back some goodwill. 

"Lou and I's vision of this thing was that it was going to be very family affordable and there wasn't going to be any surprises," he said.

He hopes that his first few weeks are just the start of that.

"All you got to do is give me a chance, come out one time and you're gonna see what it's like and you're gonna come back," Miller promised.

Miller said that after cutting ticket prices, his next goal is to work on concession prices. And for those curious, the Wind Surge's opening day is Tuesday, April 11th.