Dozens of Wichitans are trying to be just some of the 500 people Scheels is hiring right now. 

The retailer is set to open in Wichita at Towne East Square in July. Store leadership hosted a Career Expo this weekend at the Garvey Center for interested applicants. 

“I never have experienced anything like this, so it was actually really cool,” attendee Mario Valdez said. 

Valdez is in high school and came to the career fair with his friends, including Elvis Cruz. The boys said they are looking for part-time jobs. 

“I just know it's a sports store, and it just looks really fun,” Cruz said. “I mean, the people out there look really nice, and it just looks like they have a great team.”

Cruz and Valdez said they heard about the event online. Christopher Johnson said he came out Saturday in search of a new opportunity. 

“I see positivity coming here, and it makes me happy to be born and raised here, so I'm representing…I'm rooting for all the new companies,” Johnson said. 

Scheels is bringing 500 new jobs along with its new store to Wichita. Assistant Store Leader Alec Grothe said he is still hiring for 50-11 full-time positions. 

Applications for 350 part-time positions open in March. 

“We’re friends outside of work and inside of work, and it makes life a lot easier when you can come to your job every day and truly enjoy the products you worked with but most of all the people you work with,” Grothe said. 

Representatives from different departments spoke with people who attended the job fair both Friday and Saturday. Staff also offered on-site interviews for applicants interested in full-time positions. 

“Especially for us, since we're all soccer boys and athletic, I think it's a great job for us cause I think we know a lot about other sports,” Valdez said. 

The job is fair is over, but Scheels representatives are available at the store’s hiring office at the Garvey Center in downtown Wichita. You can see what positions are available, just click here.