WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - After what residents said was months of waiting and asking, the United States Postal Service has installed two community mailboxes in a south Wichita neighborhood. 

There are two boxes on each side of Glenn Street near 29th Street. 

“It was awesome,” Alek Sigman said. “There's two or three of us that we all hang out together on this block and everybody's like, ‘Did you see 'em? Did you see 'em?’”

Sigma called KAKE News for help. He said the neighborhood has been without mail delivery for several months. 

Residents had to pick up packages and mail at a nearby post office instead. 

“It’s not like picking it up on my front porch no more, but better than having to take off work every day,” Sigman said. 

Dalton Tyrrell, who also lives in the area, said he got a letter in May saying mail service was stopping because a dog bit a carrier. He said he asked USPS if he needed to install a different mailbox, but it said community mailboxes were coming. 

“It’s starting to get, to be kind of a pain because, you know, having to drive up there all the time to go get your mail is kind of a little ridiculous,” Tyrrell said. 

USPS told KAKE News it poured concrete pads for the boxes in December. Delivery to the community mailboxes is up and running as of Jan. 13. 

“Hey, when you've been without mail for a year, it's awesome,” Sigman said. 

USPS said it did have some weather-related delays during installation. Residents can pick up their keys to the boxes at the Chisholm Post Office near Pawnee and Seneca.