(CNN) - It's the largest single gathering of turtles on the planet. New footage shows hundreds of of thousands of baby Giant South American River Turtles hatching. 

Beginning in late September, an estimated 80,000 adult female turtles gather on local nesting beaches to dig and lay eggs. The turtles began hatching in mid-December and continued into early January. 

Once the turtles emerge, they crawl along the sand before dispersing into the river. 

The nesting beaches along the Guaporé Itenez River are on the border between Brazil and Bolivia.

Conservationists say coordination between the two counties in important for the protection of the species and hope to establish some sort of protected area for them. 

The Wildlife Conservation Society has been working with scientists to use technologies such as drones and thermal images in order to estimate the population of the species there. But the hope is to be able to use artificial intelligence soon to automate the process of counting the turtles.