WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - On January 4th, residents of a west Wichita neighborhood went to the District Advisory Board meeting in hopes of getting plans for a new development across the street stopped.

Now, just days later, another developer wants to build on the lot just east of 135th and Central, and residents say, for them, it's even worse.

"MF-18 is the potential apartment opportunity where you can put 17.4 dwellings to an acre, then go up to 45 feet in height. So that's looking at three to four stories high," said Highland Springs HOA President Clint Stevens.

Stevens says their biggest concerns are things like crime, traffic at the already busy 135th and Central intersection, and flooding. Resident Nita Hansen says her house has already almost flooded, even when it's just fields around her.

"There's only so many places the water can go. So as you continue to add concrete and roofs, water's got to go somewhere," said Stevens.

Ultimately, because of where the lots are, the county will have to vote on whether to rezone the east side, and the city will have to vote on the west side.

Councilman Bryan Frye says while he thinks the developments are a good thing, he's not ready to make a decision yet.

"You know, there's just questions that continue, need to be answered. And I gotta wait for the whole protest petition to come in to see where that falls too. So it's too early for me to make a decision. I need to make sure I listen to as many different people as I can," said Frye.

Stevens says, put simply, if the land does get developed, his residents only want single-family homes to be allowed, like what's already there.

"The hope is to get something that's similar to the character that exists. Development is going to happen. Nobody's opposed to development. But it's the development that's right for the area," said Stevens.

There is not a date set yet for either the county or city's final vote on rezoning the two lots.