(Amazon/Newsource) - Ring parent company Amazon, is introducing a Ring camera for your car.

It's a small dual-facing camera that sits on the dashboard and captures the vehicle's exterior as well as its interior. It is able to detect activity such as a break-in and begin recording, while also sending an alert and live video to the owner.

The "traffic-stop" feature lets drivers start recording when they get pulled over or have an accident.

The device supports a cellular connection, but requires a subscription to Ring's "protect-go" service at six dollars a month -- or 60 per year.

An l-e-d light indicates when the camera is recording, and there's an interior privacy shutter... so you can cut off audio or video any time.

You can pre-order the Ring car cam for $200 now before the formal launch next month. In February, the price will rise to $250.

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