TOPEKA, Kan. (KAKE) - Every member of the Kansas House will take the oath of office tomorrow, administered by Secretary of State Scott Schwab. Shortly after, at 2:00 p.m., the House and Senate gavel-in will take place.

There are dozens of new members of the Kansas House who will join veteran members. In the Senate, there are only 3 new members, because they didn't face a full election this year. Those new members replace members who have retired or resigned, including Colwich's Chase Blasi, who has stepped in to complete disgraced Senator Gene Suellentrop after his DUI conviction.

Lawmakers will face a long list of "wants" from cities and counties, business groups and activist organizations. Certain issues will certainly be discussed in the next few months, among them:

* Governor Kelly's push to reduce the state's food tax to zero.

* Medical marijuana and,

* abortion access

The legislature likely will come up with other bills that could potentially "steal the spotlight" but we will not know what those are until things get underway in Topeka tomorrow.

One priority that the governor has been clear she plans to pursue is the issue of water, making sure that Kansas has enough for its needs to last out the century. That's something that scientists and researchers across the state are saying isn't the case right now and, if something doesn't change soon, Kansans could be facing water shortages like those in drought-ridden Colorado, Nevada and parts of California.