ATTLEBORO, Mass. (AP)— Mr. Spooky, a cat who wanted to run for mayor of Attleboro, Massachusetts, has failed in his attempt.

Mr. Spooky, whose owner runs his own business, called Spooky Games, stopped by Attleboro City Hall to pull papers for the upcoming special election.

He was unable to do so because he isn't 18, hasn't registered to vote, and doesn't have opposable thumbs, although the last impediment wouldn't have necessarily disqualified him from the position.  

But it wasn’t a complete cat-astrophe, since office workers in the building made certain to give him scratches and belly rubs on his way out.  

Despite his setback, Mr. Spooky reassured his supporters in a social media post that he would “continue to fight for control of the town’s rat problem, funds for a cat park and lower tuna prices for all.”

There are currently four candidates running to succeed former Mayor Paul Heroux, who was sworn in as Bristol County sheriff earlier this week. It is this writer's opinion that the cat would have given them a run for their money. 

The special election is slated for Feb. 28.