GARDEN CITY, Kan. (KAKE) - A southwest Kansas zoo has announced the name of a male giraffe that was born the day after Christmas. 

The Lee Richardson Zoo in Garden City said that after a week of voting the name chosen is Miguu, which is Swahili for legs. More than 2,500 people voted.

You can visit mom, dad, and Miguu during regular zoo hours. The zoo said public viewing inside the giraffe barn may be closed periodically to allow mom and calf privacy.

"In the wild, giraffe populations have decreased by 40% over the last thirty years due to poaching and habitat destruction," the zoo said Thursday in a release. "Together Lee Richardson Zoo and other AZA members and their partners are working to help save giraffes through education, scientific research, fieldwork, public awareness, and action."

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The Lee Richardson Zoo is asking for your help to name a giraffe calf that was born on December 26. 

They say you can stop by the Finnup Center for Conservation Education, you can call the Zoo at 620-276-1250, email them at [email protected] or go to the Zoo’s Facebook page to help select the winning name from the options chosen by zoo staff. 

The name options are:

  • Miguu, which means “legs."
  • Amani, which means “peace.'
  • Maalum, which means “special."
  • Timu, which means “team." 

The winning name will be announced on January 12. 

You can visit the zoo's website to learn more about giraffes and how you can help them in the wild.