WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - A Wichita mother is reacting Monday to a controversial video showing a fight between Wichita police and teens at a roller rink.

The video from Saturday's incident shows part of the clash between a teenage boy and an off-duty police officer. Police say the teen hit one of the officers in the back of the head. After seeing the video community leaders are now asking for the charges against the two teens to be dropped and for that officer to be fired.

During the news conference, the teenage boy's mother spoke out. She tells us the moment she found out what happened at the skating rink. As some community leaders describe what the officer did to her son, they view it as a man hitting a child.

“I got a call saying your son got beat up by the police, you need to get to the skating rink,” Makala Day, mother of the teenage boy.

Makala Day walked us through when she first heard about what happened to her son on New Year's Eve. When he got into a fight with an off-duty Wichita police officer. This is the video going around social media that led to her son's arrest.

“I didn't talk to my son for seven hours. They wouldn't let me talk to him while they investigated him, while he went to the hospital. They didn't let me do anything. I didn't know if my son was okay or anything,” said Day.

Wichita police say the skating rink asked officers to remove a 15-year-old girl from the property for threatening staff. They say she refused and tried to hit an officer but missed. That's when officers say a 16-year-old boy got involved. Hitting a second officer in the back of the head.

Police say what you see in the video is the following attempt to arrest the young man.

Day says officers handled the entire situation poorly.

"The police never once contacted me and said hey we have your son. I had innocent bystanders that called me and said you need to get up here, your son is in danger,” said Day.

Community leaders invited the mayor of Wichita Brandon Whipple to the press conference. They are asking him to do something as mayor so this doesn't happen again. He shares what he saw.

“When I saw a grown trained armed man with 100 pounds on that kid posture up and try to kill him with a punch like that. I know that this could have been a lot worse. He didn't deserve to be thrown into a wall, slammed to the ground and have someone sit on his back, and then handcuffed,” said Brandon Whipple, the Mayor of Wichita.

Day wants the charges against her son dismissed and the officer off the force.

As for Wichita Police Chief Joe Sullivan, he tells KAKE News the Wichita Police Department is solely focused on conducting a thorough and exhaustive investigation.

“We'll take whatever action is appropriate as the police chief for the city of Wichita I will hold officers accountable if anyone has acted outside of the policies of this department,” said Joe Sullivan, Wichita Police Chief.

The Wichita Police Union came out with a statement Monday saying "It is critically important that the police department have the complete context and facts of the incident."

Now both of the teenagers do have charges against them. As for the police officer in the video, he is on administrative duties pending the results of the investigation.