WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Southwest Airlines said they expected to be back to normal status Friday.

This comes after more than 16,000 flights have been canceled since last Wednesday, leaving passengers scrambling to make other travel plans.

The lines at Wichita’s Eisenhower National Airport were short and flights were on time today. The biggest concern Friday, is people getting their money back from cancellations and rebooking flights on other airlines.

"I was worried a couple of days ago. But whenever I called and they said it shouldn't be a problem on Friday I kind of relaxed a little bit,” said Doug Sipes, a Wichita resident.

Doug Sipes along with many Southwest customers double checked their reservations. His flight left on time. Arrivals were also on time. Some even came earlier than expected.

"No problems at all. I usually fly southwest and so when they were having all the issues and stuff, I was a little concerned and kind of curious about what was going on. But I knew they'd fix it. And they did,” said Sarah Johnson, a Wichita resident arriving home.

People are still looking to get their money back from flight cancellations and finding flights on other airlines.

"We figured while we're here on vacation, we'll just stop by the airport, talk to a real person and get things figured out. She was great. They processed the reimbursement. So we're expecting to see the money back hopefully sometime soon,” said Tim Mchale visiting from New Jersey.

Southwest Airlines CEO told Good Morning America customers can go online for refund differences from booking on another airline.

"We're offering refunds, covering expenses. We'll be going back out with even more after that. We'll be looking at and taking care of things like rental cars, hotel rooms, meals, and booking customers on other airlines,” said CEO of Southwest Airlines Bob Jordan.

Southwest's problems left one couple in Wichita for an extra two days. At first, they couldn't get a flight back west till Tuesday, but they found an on-time flight sooner.

"We were looking forward to getting back a little bit sooner than that, enjoying a little bit more of our break at home. So, we got into the app and updated it every few hours. We were able to find us flights to get us out a little sooner,” said Frank Leach, who is visiting from San Francisco.

Everyone KAKE News spoke to today said, despite their frustration they are pleased Southwest is trying to make things right.