CANEY, Kan. (KAKE) - The cold weather during the last few days has added to the water woes in Caney.

It's now issued a Boil Water Order after freezing pipes caused a sudden drop in pressure, but that's not the only problem they're dealing with.

"This is the stuff that we have pulled from our filters," said Caney Mayor Josh Elliott. "This gets stuck in our filters. This is like goo."

A day after the city's latest water troubles began, Elliott took to Facebook live to explain what was going on.

"All this stuff has clogged them and we are working day in, night out cleaning and cleaning and cleaning," Elliott said. 

The problem, though has its roots in the city's water emergency we first told you about last summer, which was issued after the drought caused local rivers the city gets its water from to drop too low.

At that time, the city began pumping dirt and sediment in with the water.

"This is not something that just happens overnight," Elliott said. "We have seen some temperatures that we haven't seen in a really long time. So what happened is the top [of the river] froze."

Which led to a loss of pressure in pipes, while the public kept pulling water from the city's water tower despite pleas to stop.

"The problem is that we are picking up stuff like this in the filters and we are having to clean them constantly," Elliott said. 

Then, a pipe burst and they ran out of the chemicals needed to clean the dirty water that was clogging up the system to begin with.

The city issued a Boil Water Order and provided bottled water. The water plant called in all the help it could get, including the mayor himself, who says he's been at the treatment plant since the problems began on Saturday.

"This affects me just as much as it affects anyone else in town and I've been up here all day," said Elliott.

The mayor said they're working as fast as possible to restore water service to the city, but did not give a specific time frame.