WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - A Wichita server working at Delano's Diner received the biggest tip of her life after waiting on a table of 22.

Tayler Sullivan was waiting tables at Delano's Diner when a group of 22 came in for a to eat. When it was time to pay, Sullivan brought their checks to the table and received the largest tip she has ever been given in the four years she has worked at the restaurant.

"It was time for them to pay and I asked how they were going to do their checks and they said they will be all together. Then I bring the check over and all the family, friends started whipping out their phones.. and they got out a large amount of money like- 'Alright each year during the Christmas holiday we all bring out $100, and so we are gonna let you keep all the money. It's 22 of us and we all brought $100, so that's $2,200 for you to take home...and we hope you enjoy your Christmas and that everything goes well.'" said Sullivan.

"I was shocked most of the day. I was in disbelief until it was time to come home and I was taking a large amount of money more than I ever take home and working in customer service.. you never expect that amount of money coming in at a table. And with them giving me that...it's helped a lot. I'm gonna save it for a new car or moving," she said.

However, she didn't keep all of the money to herself. She tipped everyone at the diner, saying they are like family to her. Sullivan says to be grateful for every tip during the holidays and that she believes what goes around comes around.