The Sedgwick County Zoo discovered social media fame last month as folks around the world fell in love with baby Kucheza and his mom, Mahale.

"You know what that is. What is it?" Kelsey Venables asked her son, pointing at the chimpanzees on exhibit Tuesday at the Sedgwick County Zoo.

These chimps have become some of the zoo's latest all-stars all thanks to a single video of Mahale re-uniting with her baby boy two days after a c-section delivery. It seems like everyone's seen it.

"Basically every day seems like," Venables says. Even her kids love to watch the video. "My oldest definitely goes, 'Baby!'"

In the last month, the zoo has had more than 38 million organic views of the video on its social media pages.

"We're in awe of how many people have watched that video and continue to watch that video to this day," said zoological manager, Danielle Decker.

The viral reach of the video, that's the number of people seeing it because a fan of the zoo's page interacted with the post, has now topped 73 million worldwide.

"It's wild," exclaimed Venables. "It's wild that it's made it that far."

When one includes international news coverage, that number of views jumps up to over 3.1 billion.

"We're just excited that people are catching on to the story and continue to love everything that this family is doing," said Decker.

That excitement is turning into action for many. The zoo says donations are now up, with some coming from as far away as the UK.

They're getting everything from toys for the chimps to cold, hard cash, sparking dreams of new additions.

"We do have this master plan here at the zoo that we're hopeful that a new chimpanzee exhibit will be in our future," Decker said.

Another benefit, is the ability to spread the word about the zoo's conservation work a little bit further.

"It's definitely given us a platform to be able to talk a little bit more about the conservation of chimpanzees and wild animals and what we do here as a zoo, and as a conservation organization. 2:19

The zoo is now working hard to keep the excitement going. It's posting updates about Kucheza and his family as often as possible.

"I think it's going to be going for a long time. You know, Kucheza is growing and showing development every day. So once he starts hitting those milestones, I think we're gonna hit some new excitement every time we hit those milestones," Decker explained.

Along the way, they're also drumming up more interest among visitors in the chimpanzee exhibit.

"They're definitely looking for Mahale, Kucheza," Decker said. "Unfortunately, they're not on exhibit quite yet as we get them reunited with the family. But, you know, we're getting a lot of questions, a lot of people asking us how they're doing."

But for now you can still only see Kucheza and his mom on the zoo's social media sites. As the sign says, the pair remains off-exhibit while Mahale continues to recover from the c-section surgery.