KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KAKE) - A franchise group confirmed it's opening a Whataburger location in Lawrence in 2024 and that it also hopes to open the first of many Wichita locations the same year.

KMO Burger's website says the address of the Lawrence location is to be announced, but it's slated to open sometime in 2024. 

In August, the COO of KMO Burger told KAKE News about it's plans for Wichita.

"We are in pursuit of several properties in Wichita," COO Jay Battle said. "Timing is uncertain, however we hope to open our first of several in 2024 if all goes well."

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is an investor in KMO Burger, the franchise group bringing Whataburger to the Air Capital.

The burger chain confirmed in August 2021 that KMO Burger would open 30 Whataburgers spanning from Wichita, Kansas to St. Joseph, Missouri. 

There are now multiple locations in the Kansas City area, including three on the Kansas side of the state line.