WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Wichita police say they have recovered a large amount of stolen property connected to a months-long investigation into financial crimes in the Kansas/Oklahoma area. 

The investigation is involving financial crimes including theft, fraud and more. 

"The minute I heard about it on Facebook, I was like I have to drive by and see it,” said Derby resident Amaya Davis.

Davis was one of many people who drove past the property on 99th Street east of Derby Monday. Wondering why so many law enforcement officers were there for most of the day.

“I drove by about Noon I’m going to say and there was just cops lining down the road. They had this street blocked off they had it blocked off in the middle, and they had armored cars. Wichita police, Derby police. Everyone was super interested. Everyone I know drove by it just to see what was happening,” said Davis.

Early Monday morning, police executed a search warrant on a property located at S 90th St and E 71st St. S. The warrant was regarding stolen items that police believed to be at that location. 

The property has several buildings and homes, which required multiple agencies to be involved. 

"No one's ever seen the people come out of their house unless it's like the people who live in this area. The amount of times I’ve driven down here I’ve never seen them come out of their house. I'm not surprised anything weird is happening there, because it's a really weird-looking house,” said Davis.

The investigation is ongoing.