A newly-married Wichita couple is joining the United States Air Force together.

Alana and Bryson Wright are leaving Monday, Dec. 12 for basic training. They started the process of applying for the Air Force in August and were married in September. 

“I had brought it up to him a couple times and he was like, ‘No way. I don't want join the military,’” Alana said. “And then I made him actually do some research on it.”

Their recruiter, Master Sergeant Michelle Williams, said she has never helped a couple enlist together before in her years of recruiting experience. It comes as she said interest in joining the military is picking back up following the coronavirus pandemic. 

“Typically people meet in the Air Force,” Williams said. “I haven't had a couple to ship off the basic training together.”

The Wrights will attend basic training for 7.5 weeks in San Antonio. Then, they will separate to attend their respective tech schools before reporting to their first assignment. 

“This commitment kind of bring out all my core qualities as far as helping others, being real team oriented, to be focused and get things like school done,” Bryson said. “Also, just to be like a role model. When I'm out every day people can look up to me, family members underneath me.”

The couple said its interest in the Air Force is because of their ability to stay together as a family with their daughters. Alana will work in public affairs and Bryson in security forces. 

“I'm really, really proud of my mom, because she was in the Marines and like everybody says it's one of the hardest branches to go to, especially their basic training, and so I feel like for me personally, it's like proving to myself and to her,” Alana said. 

Williams said the couple will meet with her again after basic training, her favorite part of the recruiting process. Alana and Bryson will leave Monday with five other future Airmen, the biggest group to leave at one time in two years, according to Williams. 

“To, you know, put your name on the dotted line and to serve your country is a huge accomplishment, and for them to do it together, I just can't wait to see the magnitude and the effects that are gonna have on their family and their daughters,” she said.

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