ANDALE, Kan. (KAKE) - "I’m here to root them on. Saturday just needs to go away."

"I think it's been blown way out of portion."

The reaction from parents on both sides of the court Friday night. It came six days after a game where some Valley Center students were accused of making inappropriate comments in a game against Topeka. The video went viral on social media.

"I wasn't at the game Saturday but I've heard, I've seen, I've read the comments and it's just getting way out of proportion," said Ginger Rowsey, a Valley Central grandparent. "It just needs to be what it is and just move on from it."

"I saw the video online. The chant that they said was highly inappropriate, but I think the student section should have been held accountable for that," said Chris Rieger, an Andale parent. 

After Saturday’s game, Valley Center says there were online threats made against the district. So, leaders canceled class on Wednesday.

"They took the action they felt they needed to take to ensure the safety of our kids," Rowsey said. "So, I was fine with that."

For Friday night's game, Andale put some protocols in place.

Only one entrance to the game. The only students allowed in were those who attend  Andale High, Renwick, or Valley Center.

At Friday night's game, the focus ended up being only on what was happening on the court and everyone is hoping it stays that way.

"I think in this community in general we don't tolerate that kind of stuff," Rieger said. 

"Hopefully, after tonight's game, and all the maturity that's going to be shown here in the sportsman-like conduct, we're going to move on from Saturday," said Rowsey.

Valley Center says some students who were at the game last Saturday have been disciplined, but the district isn't saying what that involves.