HUTCHINSON, Kan. (KAKE) - A new $18 Million Hotel and Conference Center could be coming to Hutchinson. City leaders say it would make up for a lack of hotel rooms when Hutch hosts big events.

"That would be good. I think they'd like that. If they were coming from out of state. I have some family in Ohio. I think they'd like to stay there,” said Caleb Penrose, of Buhler Kansas.

“For the last few years, we've been a little short on beds for hotels. We have some good hotels, but with the events we have and some of the businesses in town, we find ourselves straining to find enough bed space,” said Jon Richardson Vice-Mayor of Hutchinson.

The hotel will go in the lot behind the Olive Garden and Mattress Firm. The goal is to have enough beds in Hutch for visitors who come to big events.

“When we hold the NJCAA Tournament multiple teams have been forced to stay in Maize and McPherson. And so we really want to bring that business here,” said Jade Piros De Carvalho, Mayor of Hutchinson.

City leaders will be meeting Tuesday morning to decide on a developer for the project and will clarify where the funding will come from.

The $1 Million investment is actually coming from something called the transient guest tax pool. So that is not provided by local taxpayers. But by those who come to stay in hotel rooms.

The $18 Million to build the hotel will come from Industrial Revenue Bonds, not from city taxpayer dollars. So how soon could it be completed?

“We can have a new convention center by mid-2024,” said Jade Piros De Carvalho.

If the council agrees on a developer, there are still things that need to be approved and finalized. But this is the next big step to moving forward with the project.